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                                Simon Hope RPT is the only smallpipe maker on the register of professional turners.   I have been making SSP's for approx 7 years and take pride in producing top quality looking AND sounding pipes!



Simon uses modern tools like gun drill bits to obtain highly polished bores for the very best sound.     Combined with age old hand turning skills ,   the finished pipes really do stand out from the crowd! The pipes are finished with a shellac (French polish) finish that gives a fine hard wearing finish that shows the beauty of the timber without looking varnished.I also cast and turn my own jewellery grade pewter which is added to top range pipes as beads in mounts.


The workshop!


All making of cane chanter reeds and testing of Hopepipes are done by Iain Allen


I started working at Thistle Bagpipe Works Loch Lomondside in 1982, where I worked in the shop and helped in the workshop repairing and servicing pipes.   It was at Thistle that I also received tuition and began reed making.

In 1998 i started working with Chris Apps where i gained much more experience in reed making and he encouraged me in my practice chanter reed and smallpipe reed designs.


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